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  1. ♬ Motherfucking Skulls | 0 Posts. Watch short videos with music Motherfucking Skulls on TikTok.
  2. ♬ Motherfucking Skulls (feat. Eye-D) | 0 Posts. Watch short videos with music Motherfucking Skulls (feat. Eye-D) on TikTok.
  3. Dec 06,  · Skull Face Lyrics: You don't wanna see me mad / I'm like a freaky skullface / I'm a motherfucking skullface (ay ay kay) / Skullface see me dead .
  4. Motherfucking Sharks He tells his tale as juggles skulls, the skulls of his family. His family who were eaten by the Motherf'ing Sharks, despite being on land and nowhere near the ocean. The rains came, and with the rains came the puddles, and with the puddles came the Motherf'ing Sharks/5.
  5. Nov 27,  · Motherf'ing Black Skull of Death is about a hundred times wilder and weirder than his first effort The ADHD Vampire. The neighborhood kids favorite energy drink is tampered with and causes anybody who drinks it to turn into an insane monstrosity. A huge muscle bound beast with rock-like sores covering their bodies and a giant ding-a-Ling. Vince /5(9).
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  7. Jan 05,  · [Hook] Our clique realer den anybody you know Money so big we cant fold or roll What you reppin (Skull gang) What you reppin (Skull gang) What you reppin (Skull gang) What you reppin (Skull .
  8. Aug 12,  · Read that again, they took the subtlety out of Bulk and motherfucking Skull. Rita seems quite impressed with this turn of events, because someone is finally chewing the scenery harder than she is. Baboo plays coy about how well his plan worked and Rita immediately tells him to shove it up his ape ass because Finster needs to make her a monster.
  9. Hooleyshiat is an ever-so fucking amazing Flying Wyvern that holds nothing personal against any of the worthless, dick-munching pricks that it saves from their fucking meaningless existences with its infinite edge after teleporting behind them like the pussy-destroying boss that it is! Hooleyshiat is a damn cool motherfucker, being a Flying Wyvern with a black and red colour scheme and two.

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